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Which Video Hosting Platform is Right for You?










What do all of these things have in common? They’re all video hosting platforms (crazy, right?).

What do I mean by “video hosting platforms”?

A video hosting platform is the place your video calls home. Usually, that “home base” will provide you a link that you can use to embed the video in other places (like your website).

I’ll give you an example. The video below (the one about video hosting platforms…what a coincidence!) is hosted on YouTube. I uploaded my video file to YouTube, added the thumbnail and description, customized the end screen, and then copied the embed link into this blog post.

You see the video on my blog and you can even watch it here, but it’s actually being played through YouTube; that’s the place it calls home.

The choices for video hosting platforms are growing every day. There’s always a new platform or social network where you can post your videos. But how do you know which video hosting platform is right for you?

Each platform caters to a different type of video with a different audience that has unique goals. It’s essential that you figure out which hosting platform to use before you plan your video content. The platform you choose will determine:

  • Horizontal or vertical video
  • Video length
  • Video content
  • How to edit (ie music or subtitles or both)
  • Call-to-action

You could say that your choice of video hosting platform is kind of a big deal!

Expert tip: A lot of people will create different videos depending on which platform they decide to use. For example, the video I upload to Instagram will be different than that same video I upload to YouTube. This is why it’s important to have an editor that knows what she’s doing when it comes to telling your story. And it even helps to have a producer that knows how to repurpose your footage and get the most out of your video shoot. (Contact us if you want to know more about repurposing).

Watch today’s video to see which video hosting platform is right for your video and your video marketing goals and comment which video hosting platform is your favorite!


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