March 27, 2017 pwilhide

Why Scripts Suck

Three years ago, I transitioned out of the acting world and ventured into the land of improv comedy. The big difference: improv has no scripts. Yes, you have a format and a curriculum in which to play. And you can study it and master it just like any other art form. But the words are all your own. The creativity you bring to the table is uniquely yours.

It allows you to be playful and creative within a tested framework.

What comes out when you allow yourself the freedom to play?


And more importantly:


Paige Does Improv by Paige Media

When you become human, you become real– not just a social media handle, not just a photo, not just words on a screen.

So should you use a script in your videos? You probably already know what I’m going to say (or maybe you’ll be surprised).

In today’s video, I answer that question.

Plus I give you a simple format to follow so you can crank out precise content every single time.

No time to watch the video? Here’s how to format your content:

  1. Hook: catch your audience’s attention right off the bat.
  2. Beginning: Transition into your topic.
  3. Middle: The juiciness of the video. Get to the value you are going to deliver!
  4. End: Wrap it up with a nice bow.
  5. Call-to-action: What do you want the audience to do once they’re received this valuable information?

There you go! Whether you use a script or an outline, it’s personal preference.

But I personally hate scripts. Unless it was written by a literary genius like Tennessee Williams or George Bernard Shaw.