February 27, 2017 pwilhide

How to Plan Your Content Videos

Planning your content is half the battle when you’re diving into the world of content marketing, especially content marketing with video. For video marketing, it’s even more of a challenge because there are so many moving parts: scripting, shooting, developing a shot list, securing location and props, editing, uploading, tagging, sharing. Just thinking about all of it is exhausting.

Here’s a really simple 6-step process to organize your video content ideas.

  1. Topic.
    First, determine the topic of your video. Does it fall into a specific category of expertise? Or is it a one-off special video? The topic will determine everything from the story you tell to when you release the video, so this is always step one.
  2. Goals.
    You can use a video to sell something, to share an idea, to inspire others; the goals are endless. Pick one to three goals for your video, and stay focused on these main goals throughout the creation process.
  3. Hook.
    How will you get people interested and excited about this topic so they’ll keep watching? This can be a simple one-sentence promise like “by the end of this video, you’ll be a better chef” or something visual like a tight shot of someone’s hands chopping vegetables.
  4. Main Points.
    Now, list out the main points of your video. This is the bulk of your content, the juiciness! Listing a specific number of tips or ideas is a great way to keep people watching your video through to the end. Or tell a really compelling story. Your main points should be just as energized as the hook. Keep the momentum going!
  5. Call-to-action.
    Without a call-to-action, your video isn’t marketing anything. What do you want this video to accomplish? Go back to your video goals list and determine the answer. You figured out what you’re looking to accomplish, now how will you actually accomplish that? Ask for what you want: subscribers, email sign-ups, watch another video, etc.
  6. Schedule.
    Now, it’s time to put your video creation into action with a schedule. Based on the content, figure out when this video will be shot, edited, uploaded, and shared. And stick to that schedule.

Click here for a free downloadable video planner that you can use for all of your video content.