December 4, 2014 pwilhide

A New Video Series for Entrepreneurs

I am so excited for this moment!

A new video series called “Rollin’ With Paige” is now LIVE, and you can watch my premiere episode RIGHT NOW.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always (not-so-secretly) wanted to be Oprah or because I’m so inspired by the talented, motivated, beautiful entrepreneurs that surround me here in New York City, but something in me said I needed to make a video series that introduces these FABulous entrepreneurs to the world and gets them SEEN.

Let me be honest and open for a second: 
It’s an unconventional path we are all taking as entrepreneurs, and because of that, it can be lonely, it can feel overwhelming, and there may be times we want to throw in that tear-soaked towel.

It is my hope that this series will teach you, inspire you, and change you in some way. It will show you that you are not the only one taking this journey, and it IS possible to lean on each other for support. So please join the community by commenting, subscribing, and sending myself and my guests all kinds of messages and feedback. We’re listening!

Ok, moment’s over. Now that that’s been said, I would love to introduce the premiere episode of Rollin’ With Paige, featuring my lovely friend Nicole Liloia. Click the video below and share the support!

Video Series for Entrepreneurs

  • SO fun! Always love hearing from Nicole and so great to check out the new series, Paige. I’m loving how Nicole matches your website colors btw.

    • Thanks for watching Catherine! I loved being interviewed by Paige 🙂

  • Love this! Two of my faves killing it! 😉