January 16, 2017 pwilhide

More Video in 2017

Alert the press! Paige Media is on a serious mission this year. It’s a bold mission, so we need your help to make it happen.

Before I tell you what that mission is, let me show you this:

Only 22% of business owners will use video in the next year

ONLY 22% of small business owners are using video content this year. Can you believe that? That means 78% are NOT! And that’s totally mind blowing to us. Like, it almost enrages us.

That brings us to mission time. Our mission (and we’ve already chosen to accept it) is to:

Make video available and accessible to ALL small businesses!

More businesses NEED to be doing video. We live in a digital world where video is the ultimate sales tool.

Now is the time! It’s not too hard and it’s not too time consuming. In fact, your business can’t afford NOT to do video.

“But Paige…” you say “I don’t have a big budget for equipment.”

What if I told you that you already have all the equipment you need in the palm of your hand?

It’s true, and I’ve made a rap video that breaks it down for you.

Learn how to shoot video with your smart phone. And listen to a few sweet rhymes while you’re at it.

Now start making your own videos! Don’t be in the 78%.


  • Nina Froriep

    Paige: LOVE it – content, delivery, vibe, message. Shared it on my social… keep it coming.