March 13, 2017 pwilhide

How I Increased Reach on a Facebook Video by 3000%

Yes, you read that right. I posted the same video twice on my Facebook business page. One video reached less than 200 people and wasn’t shared at all.

The other reached almost 6,000 people and was shared twelve times!


So what did I do differently?

How does the same video posted twice have such dramatically different results?

Here are the three things I did differently the second time around:

    1. I uploaded directly to Facebook. Rather than copying and pasting the link from YouTube (like I did for the first video), I clicked “upload photo/video” on the front page of my business page, and I uploaded the video file there. Facebook prioritizes video content that is hosted on their site because they don’t want anybody leaving Facebook. It isn’t good business strategy to push people AWAY from your business, is it? This is the same idea. Facebook loves video content. And they especially love video content that is hosted right there on Facebook. So avoid copying and pasting from external sources.
    2. I added subtitles. Facebook has this really cool feature where videos autoplay without sound while you’re scrolling through. You’ve probably noticed this! Most people don’t turn the sound on while watching these videos. So if you turn on the subtitles option, you will reach all of those people that watch videos without sound. Are you one of those people? I am!
    3. I shared my own video! After sharing the video on my business page, I then clicked over to my personal page and shared that video (with a little comment about my latest video). So technically one of those twelve shares was my own. It’s not cheating. It’s good video strategy because it’s telling Facebook this is a video people want to see. It will boost your video visibility on your followers’ news feeds so more people see it!

Did you post a video to your Facebook page that didn’t get as much traction as you expected? It’s ok to repost it using some of these tactics. It’s called optimization, and it’s how you boost your online visibility with video.

In case you’re wondering, the video I re-posted was my rap video. Click here if you haven’t seen it yet: