April 10, 2017 pwilhide

I Shot This Video on my iPhone…

It’s not about your fancy video equipment.

It’s not about spending buku $$$ on a shiny video studio.

It’s not about hiring a makeup artist (or MUA as we call them in the industry) to get you all glammed up before you go on camera.

It’s about building a gigantic



(can you hear that echo down the hall?)

That’s why I shot this really down and dirty video on my iPhone, with MINIMAL prep time and makeup.

And I took it one step further: I edited this video with FREE software on my computer (aka iMovie). I didn’t hire an editor or use any high-end video editing products. I used what I had because I want to prove to you how incredibly easy video is to do-it-yourself.

So watch the video (it will also teach you about a little thing we call “b-roll”…two birds, amiright?)


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