Which Video Hosting Platform is Right for You?










What do all of these things have in common? They’re all video hosting platforms (crazy, right?).

What do I mean by “video hosting platforms”?

A video hosting platform is the place your video calls home. Usually, that “home base” will provide you a link that you can use to embed the video in other places (like your website).

I’ll give you an example. The video below (the one about video hosting platforms…what a coincidence!) is hosted on YouTube. I uploaded my video file to YouTube, added the thumbnail and description, customized the end screen, and then copied the embed link into this blog post.

You see the video on my blog and you can even watch it here, but it’s actually being played through YouTube; that’s the place it calls home.

The choices for video hosting platforms are growing every day. There’s always a new platform or social network where you can post your videos. But how do you know which video hosting platform is right for you?

Each platform caters to a different type of video with a different audience that has unique goals. It’s essential that you figure out which hosting platform to use before you plan your video content. The platform you choose will determine:

  • Horizontal or vertical video
  • Video length
  • Video content
  • How to edit (ie music or subtitles or both)
  • Call-to-action

You could say that your choice of video hosting platform is kind of a big deal!

Expert tip: A lot of people will create different videos depending on which platform they decide to use. For example, the video I upload to Instagram will be different than that same video I upload to YouTube. This is why it’s important to have an editor that knows what she’s doing when it comes to telling your story. And it even helps to have a producer that knows how to repurpose your footage and get the most out of your video shoot. (Contact us if you want to know more about repurposing).

Watch today’s video to see which video hosting platform is right for your video and your video marketing goals and comment which video hosting platform is your favorite!


How I Increased Reach on a Facebook Video by 3000%

Yes, you read that right. I posted the same video twice on my Facebook business page. One video reached less than 200 people and wasn’t shared at all.

The other reached almost 6,000 people and was shared twelve times!


So what did I do differently?

How does the same video posted twice have such dramatically different results?

Here are the three things I did differently the second time around:

    1. I uploaded directly to Facebook. Rather than copying and pasting the link from YouTube (like I did for the first video), I clicked “upload photo/video” on the front page of my business page, and I uploaded the video file there. Facebook prioritizes video content that is hosted on their site because they don’t want anybody leaving Facebook. It isn’t good business strategy to push people AWAY from your business, is it? This is the same idea. Facebook loves video content. And they especially love video content that is hosted right there on Facebook. So avoid copying and pasting from external sources.
    2. I added subtitles. Facebook has this really cool feature where videos autoplay without sound while you’re scrolling through. You’ve probably noticed this! Most people don’t turn the sound on while watching these videos. So if you turn on the subtitles option, you will reach all of those people that watch videos without sound. Are you one of those people? I am!
    3. I shared my own video! After sharing the video on my business page, I then clicked over to my personal page and shared that video (with a little comment about my latest video). So technically one of those twelve shares was my own. It’s not cheating. It’s good video strategy because it’s telling Facebook this is a video people want to see. It will boost your video visibility on your followers’ news feeds so more people see it!

Did you post a video to your Facebook page that didn’t get as much traction as you expected? It’s ok to repost it using some of these tactics. It’s called optimization, and it’s how you boost your online visibility with video.

In case you’re wondering, the video I re-posted was my rap video. Click here if you haven’t seen it yet:


I’m Published!

Today I’m not blogging on my own blog. Maybe it’s a dumb move on my part to redirect you to another website, but I want to share my latest published post with you!

It’s a post that I recently wrote for on another blog.

And not just any blog: Production Hub!! They are the go-to online site for services in the production industry. I get a lot of freelancers there (insider tip!).

They asked me to write an article for them about developing the message of YOUR brand video, and it’s super juicy!

Click to read all about it. (But feel free to come back here after and tell me what you think in the comments.)


Branding Your Video Content

Here’s the thing about a “brand”: you are one, whether you like it or not.

Everything you do in your business is telling a story, and that story needs to be crystal clear.

Otherwise, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Branding is all about storytelling.

But I’m not in the business of branding (there are companies who can do it much better than I can). I’m in the business of taking brands and making them shine through video content.

And I’ve got some hot tips to make your videos easily recognizable, so when someone sees your video, they’ll be all “yeah, that was so you.”

1. Music.

Music is more than just a tertiary element you throw in there because people say you should. It’s more than an afterthought. Music is an audible representation of the story you want your brand to tell. So choose music that clearly represents your brand and doesn’t clash with your message!

2. Custom Thumbnails.

This is your opportunity to stylize your video library and bring your brand personality front and center. If you want to learn more about custom thumbnails and how to make your own for free, watch my custom thumbnail video.

3. Branded watermark.

In YouTube, this is the little logo that pops up in the bottom right corner of your screen, giving users an easy way to subscribe to your channel. It adds to the professionalism of your channel and enhances your brand.

4. Closing Title Screen.

Tell people where they need to go next with a branded title screen that plays after your video. Buzzfeed does a great job of this.

5. Consistency!

Consistency will give your audience something to rely on. They know they can always count on you to provide “fill-in-the-blank” content.

Want more? I made a BRANDED VIDEO (go figure) all about branding your videos.

Check it out here.


The Best and the Worst Part of Being an Entrepreneur

The best part of being an entrepreneur is also the worst part of being an entrepreneur. It’s called independence.

On one hand, you get to create your own schedule, make all the important business decisions, and take on projects that fulfill you.

On the other hand, you do it alone, at least it feels that way sometimes. It’s your bank account on the line, your reputation at stake, and your creativity open to criticism.

This kind of life is a great one, but sometimes it can feel like an empty one.

Flashback to this video about the entrepreneur roller coaster.

The entrepreneur roller coaster is rickety, annoyingly unpredictable, and sometimes you’re just dying to jump off. But there is one thing that will keep you going time and time again.

When you are in those low points, when things are slower than expected and you are doubting your path, the answer is collaboration!

Yes, collaboration. It’s the big secret to picking yourself up and getting back on that path to success. Whether it’s companionship, colleagues, or community, finding like minded, thirsty people like you will remind you that you’re not alone in this journey, and sometimes just knowing that is enough.

Collaboration has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my business and has made  the good times even better.

I so believe in the power of collaboration that I’m sharing my latest collab project with you. It’s called Expert Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and Startups.

Expert Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

It’s a 30-page e-book created by a hand-picked collection of New York City marketing experts. I’m so excited to share this priceless project with you. All you have to do is click here to grab this free gift, and start making collab magic!


5 Business Lessons From OkCupid

Hot off the press: I quit swiping.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a quick rundown for you (all my single ladiessss, you can skip this part—you’re already caught up):

Beyonce Single Ladies

Dating culture is nothing like it used to be. The prevalence of dating applications, websites, and matchmaking services paired with an influx of humans that are never a foot away from their mobile devices has not only unstigmatized online dating, but it’s created a new normal for meeting future partners. At a bachelorette party the other weekend, the woman next to me met her boyfriend on OkCupid and the woman across the table met her husband on Tinder. We share these things proudly now!

If you’re asking “Tindawhaaa??”, let me break down the top apps/sites for you (going from least serious to get me a husband now):

  • Tinder: swiping app with everybody and their [single] mom looking for a hookup… or whatever
  • Bumble: Similar to Tinder but with a feminist take. Once you match, the woman must message first.
  • OkCupid: A free site with a library of in-depth profiles that tells you how religious someone is and alerts you when someone is creepin’ on your photos
  • Match.com/eHarmony: for very serious people who want to get married yesterday and have the money to pay for it

In a nutshell, these swiping apps gamify dating. They dumb it down to an activity comparable to Pokemon Go. Who knows whether the man of my dreams walked right by me while I was busy Bumbling the other day.

I quickly got frustrated with these swiping apps. Why wasn’t I meeting anybody serious? Why was the only decent guy I connected with on Tinder only showing up when it was convenient for him? How much time have I wasted on this and why am I developing carpal tunnel in my right thumb?

This brings me to lesson number one:

#1: Get in front of the right audience.

Just like I won’t find a long-term guy on a flighty app for short-term hookups, you can’t market your high-end corporate wellness business if you’re constantly in front of entrepreneurs and one-person companies. And just like I (probably) won’t find an established career man if my preferences are set at 23-27, your custom skater shoes won’t fly off the shelves at a Florida flea market (and I LOVE Florida flea markets).

As soon as I realized this, I reopened my three-year-dormant OkCupid account. And almost immediately, I started getting messages from men.

Purely for your entertainment, I’m going to share some of these messages:

Hi! So, when do I get to take you out for drinks and some thai food?

If you stood in front of a mirror holding 11 roses; you will see 12 of the most beautiful things in this world…

Hey you. I just made this profile, talk to me. 😛

Hey, I have the jury duty selection interview on Monday — what should I say?!

Cue a drum roll for lesson number two (drrrrrrrrrrrrrummmmmm):

#2: Make a GREAT first impression.

You have one chance and one chance only to do this. Your brand, your website, your personality needs to be on point and clearer than crystal. If your website opens with the equivalent of a cheesy pick-up line, you’re screwed. I never responded to any of the messages above. And I will not. This is why video production companies are in such high demand right now and why the market for producing and hosting video content is only getting bigger—a good video has the ability to nail that first impression.

Got it? Good. Moving on…

What happens when the first impression lands and you start a conversation? Here’s what happens 90% of the time: the conversation fizzles and shuffles to the bottom of my message list. They’re gone forever, and it becomes very hard to rekindle that spark…leading to lesson number three:

#3: Keep them engaged.

A first impression is not enough for long-lasting true love. Love at first sight is cliche and doesn’t work in online dating (*cough, cough* OR in business). You have to nurture that relationship, keep it going, put some time into learning more about them and building an authentic connection. (P.S. That last sentence can apply to EVERYTHING in life!)

Houston, we have engagement. Once that’s established, here’s where the most important lesson comes into play:

#4: Ask for what you want.

In dating, this means setting up a date (drinks, dinner, coffee, hiking, who cares). In business, this is your classic “call-to-action”. Once you’ve had a good conversation with them and nurtured that relationship, it’s an easy ask to close the deal. So just do it. Ask for the date or the client or the referral and your life will move in the direction you want it to.

I’ve been online dating for about a year now. It’s a lot of work, and I go back and forth with my commitment to it. But to close out, here’s my final piece of advice, one that I uncovered after joining OkCupid.

#5: To get results, you have to invest.

I don’t pay for OkCupid. I’m having fun with it right now and enjoying all of the corny first impressions people are making. And while it’s better than the swiping apps, it’s still not perfect and I have my frustrations with it. This is where I understand the value in paying for a site like Match.com. You get more curated matches, less creeps, more opportunity to meet “the one” (or whatever you’re looking for). And the same goes for business. You can try to write your own copy, make your own video, grow your Facebook presence organically. But the frustration will only build when you aren’t seeing results.

To get where you want to go, there comes a time when you have to put some things into the hands of the experts.

Do these lessons apply to your business? Tell me in the comments!


Free Gift and Paige Media Transition

Today, I feel like Oprah because I’ve got a spankin’ new free gift coming your way.


But first, a quick announcement.

Paige Media is evolving. As with any type of business or personal evolution, transition happens. And we’re transitioning!! Every single day, I am forced to look at my business and ask myself: “Hey, self! What’s working and what’s not working?”

Based on my collection of answers over the past several months, we’re beginning a new chapter in the Paige Media epic trilogy!

Paige Media is still making videos

That chapter involves bringing you much more video strategy, planning, and marketing!

We want you to grow your business. We want you to tell your story. We want to help you change people’s lives.

Ultimate Video Marketing PlannerWe want you to reap all the delicious benefits of making authentic human connections through video! And we are going to focus more and more on showing you how to do that.

To usher the world into this new chapter of Paige Media, we’re giving away an awesome free gift: The Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit. This is an e-book packed with tips, guides, and bonuses to get you started on the track to creating MORE and BETTER video content.

Snag your copy right now:

And click here to share it on Twitter or on Facebook with other small business owners who need to be doing more video!

Video is in your future. We’re here to make it work for you.


How to Get Started With Video

As you can tell by now (if you’ve been around for a while), I try to provide very tangible and actionable VIDEO resources for you and your business via my blog and YouTube channel . But I realize that a lot of you aren’t already doing video.

I understand the feeling– like you’re about to leap from a high dive for the first time. You see everyone in the pool below you having just the best time in their bikinis and steamy hot swim trunks, and you’re having a complete nervous breakdown like:



It’s not easy, diving into video for the first time. You actually have to find something to say and watch yourself and listen to yourself (and we all hate our own voices).

It WILL grow your business.

It will bring you fans and money and brand loyalty.

But you have to commit to it.

And you have to know where to begin.

So where do you begin? Book a video dive-in session with me. This is a one-on-one conversation (about 90 minutes long) where we break down EXACTLY what your business has/does/needs/should be doing in terms of video.

After the conversation, you will receive a written game plan (totally customized) outlining exactly what YOU need to get you not only diving into the deep water with video, but triple twist piking into it with precision and confidence.

This is only $600 worth of juiciness, so if you’re ready to start with video, book your video dive-in ASAP. It’s exactly what you need to kick off your video marketing fame.


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5 Things Every Marketing Video Should Have

5 Things Every Marketing Video Should Have by Paige Media

You may have heard it before, and you’ll definitely hear it again: content is king (or queen for all you badass business matriarchs). It’s real, folks, and it’s not going to be dethroned anytime soon. So EMBRACE IT! Get on the content train before it’s too late.

Why create your own content?

  • Original content boosts your SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization). This means that search engines (like that Google thing everyone’s talking about) are more likely to put you on top if you have a lot of searchable content. People are searching for what you are selling! Make it easy for them to find you. And that means you’ll get…
  • …More traffic to your website. As opposed to sharing other people’s content, making your own stuff just increases chances that people will come to your website and start following you.
  • You position yourself as an expert. You are THE expert at being you, whether you’re a doggie surfing instructor, a professional bridesmaid, a rainbow bagel baker, or even something a little more mainstream. No one knows the things you know, and so many people would benefit if they did. Become the go-to person for your expertise by creating your own content.
  • You build a tribe. Hand-in-hand with positioning yourself as an expert, you will begin to gain followers, subscribers, likes, and all that juicy internet praise we are constantly seeking. Consistent content feeds your followers’ thirst for your secret sauce and keeps them on the hook.
  • It’s fun! The content you create is an extension of yourself– your likes, your expertise, your personality. Get creative with it, have a good time with it. Make videos, write blog posts, start podcasts– what platform for content creation resonates with you?

Want to try your hand at marketing videos or get more out of the current videos you already have? The content I have for you today is all about helping you optimize YOUR content. So we’re all winning.

Click below to watch the latest Paige Media video. Make yourself a checklist and start rolling out your original content!

P.S. Then don’t forget to subscribe with the form below to keep getting amazing tips like these, which I’ll send right to you twice a month.


What to Wear on Camera

What to Wear on Camera with Mona Sharaf by Paige Media

Dressing yourself for video is different than dressing yourself for a night out at the club or a day at the office. There are so many details you don’t want to overlook if you are preparing your wardrobe for a video shoot because (we hope) lots of eyeballs will be watching you!

Now I believe it’s just as important to know your strengths as it is to be aware of your weaknesses. When it comes to wardrobe, I will be the first to admit I’m not an expert on the subject– I get anxiety when I’m shopping for t-shirts!

So today I called upon my friend and fellow entrepreneur Mona Sharaf to give you some great tips about what to wear on camera because making people look (and feel) good is her job. And she’s really good at it.

Mona is a personal shopper and image consultant in New York City. She works miracles for disorganized closets– she’s like the clothing whisperer. She will go into your closet and find a bunch of outfits you never knew existed– outfits you look damn good in! She also goes shopping with you and picks out clothes that flatter all parts of you.

Mona is our special guest today (you don’t even need to see my face), and she’s going to tell it like it is so you can know what to wear on camera and feel great when the director says “action”!


Get in touch with us!