A Gigantic Announcement

26 Broadway Paige Media's New Office

Five years ago, I moved to New York City the way a lot of people move to this city: with a few boxes and a dream.

The dream was to be on Broadway, see my name is headache-inducing lights, and sing and dance my way to standing ovations. It wasn’t an original dream by any means, but I felt the hunger, and I chased it.

So I moved to New York. And things got real. My life became less of a dream and more of a reality show that gets cancelled after the first episode.

Early morning babysitting gigs.

Midday acting classes and auditions.

Evening restaurant shifts.

Sleep (barely). Repeat.

I started looking for other ways to make money that would allow me to be flexible with my time, and that’s when I stumbled upon this elusive world of online entrepreneurs aka the laptop lifestyle. It was perfect! I could leverage my writing skills, my technology skills, my communication skills, my acting skills to build a business in my own time.

Slowly, the entrepreneur in me started working harder than the actor in me, and the dream transformed.

I became a business owner, an entrepreneur. I started Paige Media and grew it to the point where it could sustain me full-time. For the last two years, I have been working from my home, from libraries, from coffee shops, and from hotel lobbies (anywhere I could get a decent wifi signal).

Now I’m thrilled to announce that Paige Media has its very own office (AKA the Paige Media headquarters) in New York City.

And…(get ready for this)…guess what the address is!

26 Broadway.

I’ve made my Broadway dreams come true…just not quite in the way I anticipated.

As I sit writing this blog post at my new desk on Broadway, overlooking the Statue of Liberty, I find it refreshing to know that the universe has a sneaky sense of humor.

26 Broadway Paige Media's New Office

Paige Media's New Office

Getting Real About the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Getting real about the entrepreneur roller coaster by Paige Media

“Being an entrepreneur is really easy and always fun,” said no one, in the history of ever!

Sometimes you have great days. Sometimes you have good days. Sometimes you have bad days. And sometimes you have days that make you want to run straight into a job interview…

…with a resume…

…wearing a pant suit…

…making your “weaknesses” sound like strengths.

And then things get better again!

It’s a roller coaster, the entrepreneur roller coaster (as I like to call it). And whether you like it or not, you’re buckled in for the ride.

The other day I was meeting with a very enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur just a few months into his business. We connected right off the bat (some people you just feel it), and we started riffing about dating in New York. Then, when it came to business, he looked at me and sincerely inquired, “does it get easier?”

I paused, somewhat caught off guard by the earnestness of the question. And this week, I made a VLOG about my response.

Want to know what I said?

Watch the video below:


My Anti-Resolution 2015 Reflection

Here’s the thing about New Year’s Resolutions: they just don’t work. I hate to be so blunt, but it’s true.

Want proof? Look at gym memberships. January after January, gyms see the same influx of sign-ups that inevitably teeters off come early February and beyond. And it happens like clockwork. This year won’t be any different.

But allow me to toss my cynicism aside and talk about what I DO like about New Years. After all, New Years is my favorite holiday next to 4th of July (I guess I’m a sucker for fireworks), and that’s because it’s a time for reflection. When you get a chance to start from a fresh beginning, you have the opportunity to look back at all the trials and triumphs of the past year and evaluate the impact each step made.

Key West vacation by Paige MediaI spent New Year’s Eve in one of my favorite U.S. getaways: Key West. It was full of color, magic, peace, and inspiration. During the quiet days, I had plenty of time to sit outside, breathe in the fresh island air, and think back on this past year.

Professionally, it was my first full year of business. Paige Media is no longer a newborn! I kicked off January co-hosting a hot cocoa party at TEEM coworking space along with Weleet, where I contributed a really unique video booth experience.

In March, I traveled to Stepping Stones Museum for Children to produce a fundraising video for their annual gala. Despite the looming snowstorm, the crew and I made the drive up to Connecticut. This was the very first on-location two-day shoot for Paige Media, so we weren’t about to let a few flurries get in our way. What a rewarding project that was!

Seeing a need for business owners to have an easy way to create their own videos, I opened the doors to the Piece of Cake video marketing package. After some tweaking and testing, I’ve figured out a way to make video creation easy for everyone!

I tried my hand at live streaming and was featured in the Meerkat blog about being a livestreamer (full disclosure: I still am not too sure why people watch me and my antics, but they do).

I took classes at the beautiful YouTube space in New York City, met a ton of talented YouTube creators, and I continue to grow my own YouTube channel for both Paige Media and Crafting Under The Influence.

Personally, it’s been just as wild a ride. I somehow developed allergies after all these years of never being allergic to anything. I moved into my very own studio apartment. I went through a tough break up (are break ups ever easy?). I traveled for work. I traveled for pleasure. I was in two weddings for two of my dearest and oldest friends. I tried new things. I succeeded and I failed.

I often tell people that I “yes, and” my life, which is basically an improv term for accepting what you’re given and making it incredible. I have no regrets. I am grateful to be living the life that I do.

Moving forward into 2016, I am not setting a resolution, but rather making a declaration that I will continue to be an inspiration and a vehicle for stories, that I will continue to create beautiful things, that I will be open to continuously learning, growing, and evolving. That is my New Year’s Declaration.

A New Video Series for Entrepreneurs

I am so excited for this moment!

A new video series called “Rollin’ With Paige” is now LIVE, and you can watch my premiere episode RIGHT NOW.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always (not-so-secretly) wanted to be Oprah or because I’m so inspired by the talented, motivated, beautiful entrepreneurs that surround me here in New York City, but something in me said I needed to make a video series that introduces these FABulous entrepreneurs to the world and gets them SEEN.

Let me be honest and open for a second: 
It’s an unconventional path we are all taking as entrepreneurs, and because of that, it can be lonely, it can feel overwhelming, and there may be times we want to throw in that tear-soaked towel.

It is my hope that this series will teach you, inspire you, and change you in some way. It will show you that you are not the only one taking this journey, and it IS possible to lean on each other for support. So please join the community by commenting, subscribing, and sending myself and my guests all kinds of messages and feedback. We’re listening!

Ok, moment’s over. Now that that’s been said, I would love to introduce the premiere episode of Rollin’ With Paige, featuring my lovely friend Nicole Liloia. Click the video below and share the support!

Video Series for Entrepreneurs


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